Deep Learning 3D Vision for Industrial Robots

Kinema Pick

Kinema Pick is the world's first Deep-learning 3D Vision systems for industrial robots. Designed for depalletization of multi-SKU, single SKU and random pallets, Kinema Pick is easy to configure using a browser-based GUI. Kinema Pick integrates the KS1000, a high resolution 3D/2D sensor with advanced motion planning and requires minimal training for any type of box or workcell, minimizing integration time.

  • Fast Cycle Times
  • Self-calibrating - no more manual calibration
  • Deployable on standard or industrial PC
  • GPU accelerated Deep-Learning and 3D Vision for Locating Boxes
  • Label Detection and Alignment
  • PLC Interface
  • Easy to use browser-based GUI

Kinema Systems can help you customize and integrate Kinema Pick with any robot and custom end-effectors.