About Us

A team of passionate robotics and automation professionals.


Kinema Systems has been acquired by Boston Dynamics. More information about the Pick system is available on the Boston Dynamics Pick site.

Who We Are

Kinema Systems creates robotic manipulation solutions for industrial problems. Our initial product, Kinema Pick, is the first step towards a complete integrated solution for what has often been called the holy grail problem of industrial robotics, random picking. We look forward to helping our customers and partners with more solutions like Kinema Pick.

Our World Class Team

Kinema's employees have diverse educational and industrial backgrounds and previously worked, studied and taught at some of the most transformational places for Robotics in the world. Our team includes experts in robotics, automation and perception with experience implementing and deploying innovative solutions to complex problems in industry.

What We have Done

Kinema's employees created some of the most popular open-source software for robotic manipulation and perception, including MoveIt!, ROS Control, Arm Navigation and SimTrack, used by hundreds of companies, researchers and universities around the world.